Krieghoff Balance System

Krieghoff Balance System, now available for all K-80 models. The new balance system, originally developed for the Parcours, is now available to fit all K-80 guns. The system comprises two components, available individually or as a complete package.


Stock screw weight

The stock screw system is installed in the stock bolt access hole under the recoil pad. Installation is simple and involves only removing the original stock bolt and replacing it with the new balance screw. 
The balance screw carries an adjustable weight that can be positioned anywhere on the top section of the balance screw. The screw itself weighs 40gm and each pair of weights adds another 30gm. It's possible to fit up to two weights, allowing the ability to add 100gm of weight in total.


Barrel weights

The Barrel Weights are positioned under the forearm so they are hidden in use. Each pair of weights are 40gm and three pairs can be fitted under the forearm, adding a possible total of 120gm. 
Combining both systems provides maximum flexibility in your preferred handling configuration.