K-80 Parcours


K-80 Parcours

The legendary K-80 receiver needs no introduction. It has long been thought of as one of the most reliable and has withstood hundreds of thousands of rounds and many trips to the top of the podium. Available with dozens of different barrel options the K-80 has always been a shotgun that was ready to evolve.

The next step in this evolution is the introduction of the K-80 Parcours. Perfectly balanced between the hands, the Parcours gives the shooter a gun that is approximately 8 pounds with the proven reliability of the K-80 receiver. Featuring 32” fixed choke, soldered rib barrels, a slimmer forearm and a totally new stock design the K-80 Parcours points and moves with ease.


Parcours Barrels

The K-80 Parcours has had a complete re-think on how the barrels are configured. First of all, you can notice the barrels are joined.

The weight has been dramatically reduced and the soldered rib is flat to the barrel. They come in 30" or 32" as standard.


Parcours Stock

The K-80 Parcours stock, available in varying grades of walnut. The stock has a revamped shape and design, allowing a welcome weight reduction.
You can choose between non-adjustable or adjustable comb on the stock. Plus you have the option for a right or left handed stock.


Briley Choke System

You can now specify the Parcours Barrels with Briley Choke System fitted at the Krieghoff factory.

Every new Krieghoff K-80 Parcours comes with fixed choked barrels as standard, but you can specify Briley Chokes upon ordering.

Parcours barrels fitted with Krieghoff/Briley choke system will be steel shot proofed and all choke tubes marked with the correct designation for both lead and steel shot.

The Briley Choke System adds no weight to the barrels and handling and balance are identical to the fixed choke barrels. You can choose your 5 Chokes supplied with your gun upon ordering.


k-80 parcours specifications


Length of Pull - 365mm / 14.37"

Length of Grip - 96mm / 3.78"

Drop at Nose - 36mm / 1.42"

Drop at Heel - 48mm / 1.89"

Cast at Nose - 4mm / 0.16"

Cast at Heel - 6mm / 0.24"

Cast at Toe - 9mm / 0.35"

Pitch - 

Barrel Length - 30" / or / 32"

Barrel Weight Fixed Choke - 1,315 g / or / 1,415 g

Barrel Weight Briley Choke - 1,310 g / or / 1,410 g

Bore - 12 bore

Total Length - 47.4" (30") / 49.6" (32")

Weight - 8 lbs / 3.6kg

Recoil Pad - Kick-Eez (301-6)

Engraving - Any Engraving

Stock Options - Adjustable or Non-Adjustable