K-80 Sporter

Krieghoff K-80 Sporter

Krieghoff K-80 Sporter


K-80 Sporter

The K-80 Sporter is a concept developed in response to the needs of FITASC and top level Sporting shooters. These disciplines require precise repeatable handling, with instinctive pointing ability, low recoil and ultra fast recovery between shots. Absolute reliability is a must.

To maximise the potential we individually hand balance every K-80 Sporter. This is necessary as any gunmaker worthy of the name can control barrel and receiver weights within close tolerances but wood weight is the one variable in a top quality gun. The weight we add to the stock is cast into a tube and located as low down in the stock as possible. This keel effect assists greatly in mounting the gun and has the added benefit of leaving the stock-bolt hole free of obstruction. As standard, we choose to leave a slightly weight forward feel, we believe this aids gun control, but we are happy to balance the gun to the owner's individual requirements.

The K-80 Sporter is available in 30" or 32" barrels, with the voice of tapered flat, or tapered step rib.


K-80 Sporter Specifications

Length of Pull - 365mm / 14.37"

Length of Grip - 91mm / 3.58"

Drop at Nose - 40mm / 1.57"

Drop at Monte Carlo - 55mm / 2.16"

Drop at Heel - 68mm / 2.68"

Cast at Heel - 4mm / 0.16"

Cast at Toe - 11mm / 0.43"

Pitch -