K-20 Parcours

Krieghoff K-20 Parcours

Krieghoff K-20 Parcours


k-20 parcours

The perfectly balanced K-20 Parcours leads to a smooth swing, instinctive aim and precise shooting. First and foremost the key to success is the intuitive mount of the gun. The rest follows naturally. Your instinct aims. The K-20 Parcours hits. 

Shotguns are designed for shooting moving targets. Clay or Game Shooting is a fast sport leaving little time to get on target. It requires a well balanced and easy pointing shotgun. Shooter and gun become one. The K-20 Parcours delivers.

Light and slim, the K-20 Parcours is an easy transition from a 12 gauge. The gun has all of the proven K-80 features in a scaled down, small gauge version. The streamlined, low profile receiver complete with light barrels and trim stocking provides excellent balance and handling characteristics.

The K-20 has been conceived and designed with the small gauge and causual sporting shooter, the three gauge skeet shooter, and those who shoot game, in mind. It is beautifully balanced and quick handling, but it has enough weight to absorb recoil and swing smoothly, even at the end of a long day on the range or in the field.


Parcours Barrels

The K-20 Parcours has had a complete re-think on how the barrels are configured. First of all, you can notice the barrels are joined. The weight has been dramatically reduced and the soldered rib is flat to the barrel. They come in 30" or 32" as standard.


Parcours Stock

The K-20 Parcours stock, available in varying grades of high grade walnut. The stock has a revamped stock in shape and design, allowing a welcome weight reduction.
You can choose between non-adjustable or adjustable comb on the stock. Plus you have the option for a right or left handed stock.


K-20 Top Latch

The K-20's unique sliding top latch provides strong lock-up, easy barrel interchangeability, and great durability. Because the top latch secures the barrels to the receiver at the optimal leverage point, it eliminates the need for both underbites and side-lugs. This in turn makes for easier barrel fitting and makes it possible for a single K-80 receiver to be fitted with a great variety of barrels - from a .410 skeet over-and-under to a 34" unsingle. And because the top latch slides forward to adjust for barrel wear, it helps maintain the gun's tight fit and solid feel for hundreds of thousands of rounds.

The K-20 is driven internally by coiled main and sear springs that ensure both very fast lock-time and a predictable consistency of feel and performance. All essential internal parts are machined from high quality tool steel to withstand wear and stress during even the heaviest use.