K-80 Pro Trap

Krieghoff K-80 Pro Trap

Krieghoff K-80 Pro Trap



The K-80 Pro Rib features a Floating Rib suspended higher above the barrel than the conventional Trap competition shotgun. The higher rib design and corresponding higher stock allow the shooter to keep their head in a more erect position on the stock, thereby increasing sight range and allowing for quicker target acquisition, reduced neck fatigue, and reduced perceived recoil.

A specially designed adjustment wheel fitted to the rib allows the shooter to select a flat shooting 50/50 POI or a slightly higher 60/40 POI by using a sight picture of bead behind bead. Both POI settings are approximations and can differ slightly. A higher POI of 70/30 is also possible by using a figure eight sight picture.

Barrel lengths of 30″ and 32″, both complete with Tapered Flat Adjustable Floating Rib and standard factory Steel choke tubes with the option of Titanium choke tubes.

Elevated Floating Rib | Quicker Target Acquisition | Less Perceived Recoil


K-80 Pro Trap Barrels

Built around the same K-80 Receiver as every K-80, the K-80 Pro gives you the ability to adjust the rib height and puts you in control. The ability to adjust the rib is the key feature of the Pro Rib, the raised height allows more visibility and quicker target alignment. The rib measures 16mm from the barrel at the rear and between 6.5mm and 12.5mm at the front, depending on which extension adjustment setting you use. The height can be altered using the adjustment wheel.


K-80 Pro Trap Rollover Stock

Optimally designed stock and forearms to suit the Pro Rib barrels and keep your head aligned with the rib. The adjustable comb can be easily modified to suit individual requirements. The main difference between the Pro Trap and Pro Sporter is the Stock. The Pro Trap is now with a rollover comb giving you optimum head positioning.

Length of Pull - 365mm / 14.37"

Length of Grip - 89mm / 3.50"

Drop at Nose - 45mm / 1.77"

Drop at Monte Carlo - 45mm / 1.77"

Drop at Heel - 54mm / 2.13"

Cast at Heel - 3mm / 0.12"

Cast at Toe - 13mm / 0.51"

Pitch - 


k-80 pro trap specifications

  • 12/76 (3"), chambers are chrome plated
  • Standard barrel length: 76 cm (30") or 81 cm (32") 
  • Factory screw-in chokes, incl. 5 choke tubes and choke wrench
  • Free-floated barrel set
  • Adjustable rib: 10 mm taper flat featuring chamfered edges on top
  • ProTrap stock with adjustable comb
  • Trap forearm with slanted end
  • Highest selectable shot pattern: 70/30
  • Stock finish: epoxy
  • Weight*: approx. 4.1 kg